A book titled, The BP Patio Re-Training Manual.

Relearn everything you’ve unlearned about patioing.

As the restaurant with the most patios in Canada, it’s our duty to help you get back out there with the same skills and confidence you had before you were trapped indoors. In this book, you’ll relearn how to talk to real human servers, deal with seagulls and so much more.

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Bite-sized BP patio re-training lessons.

How to defend beer
from patio wasps.

A woman and a wasp boxing over a pint of beer. A woman protecting her beer from a wasp with a coaster.

How to get on a patio not
attached to your house.

A man pole-vaulting onto the Boston Pizza patio. A man being greeted by a Boston Pizza server at a host stand.

How to enjoy an
outdoor sandwich.

A man flying a sandwich like a kite. A man eating his sandwich at a table with a beer.

What to do
with a fishbowl.

A woman casting into a fishing line into a beverage called a Fishbowl. A woman excitedly staring at a beverage called a fishbowl on the patio.

A BP Patio Re-Training Tip.

A Boston Pizza gift card.

Give the gift of the Boston Pizza patio.

No matter the amount, a Boston Pizza gift card is the perfect way to help someone you know relearn how to patio at BP.

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